Honey marinated orange with crunch

  • 1 hour
  • 4 persons



Rinse the pearl barley in cold water a few times.
Boil the pearl barley in water for 5 min. Add whole milk, as well as seeds from as well as the vanilla pod. Leave to simmer at low temperature with the lid on for about 45 min. Stir frequently. Pour into a bowl, remove the vanilla pod and cool down.
Tip: The boiling time may vary – taste a barley corn – it has to be al dente. The texture should resemble rice pudding that has not been overcooked.

Mix the cold pearl barley with drained yoghurt and Jakobsens liquid honey. Season with honey and a pinch of salt if required.

Marinated oranges:
Peel the oranges with a sharp knife. Cut out the orange filets and put aside. Press the juice of the remaining orange peels. Add the juice from another orange if you feel like there is too little. Pour the juice into a small casserole with honey, salt sambal oelek, and seeds from as well as vanilla pod.  Gently boil until it starts to thicken and look like thin syrup. Remove the casserole from heat and remove the vanilla pod. Let the syrup cool in the casserole for 5 min. Then add the orange filets and calvados. Gently stir and pour oranges and the marinade into a bowl with a lid, then cool down.

Cut the rye bread into small dices (about ½ x ½ cm). Roast the rye bread and nuts in butter on a warm pan while stirring for about 5 min. Then add oat flakes and roast for another 2 min. Careful – the flakes should only be slightly golden! Remove the pan from the heat and add honey. Stir well. Then cool down the crunch somewhere airy and stir frequently.

Serve in a glass in layers as with trifle. Can be served with a little glass of warm elderberry juice with Jakobsens Orange Blossom Honey and calvados.


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