Partnership with professionals

As a subcontractor, you often specialize in your own product, but rarely have knowledge of the food for which you supply the ingredients. We would like to reverse this process and allow the food producer to come to us. Whether with a specific recipe or a wish to develop a product, we will find the best solution in the field of natural sweeteners. For example, the task may be to find a natural alternative for a product or to try to reduce the calorie content.

Jakobsens also offers a development team to help food producers develop new or improved products. The team has worked with some of the largest international groups and has extensive knowledge in the use of natural sweeteners.


How we work with professionals

  • Competent feedback
  • Innovation team
  • High quality
  • Flexibility

Competent feedback

We value personal meetings – and you can always expect that we are open for a talk.

It is always possible to contact our sales team directly and get a response within 24 hours.

Innovation team

We have teamed up with experts in producing natural, organic and high quality sweeteners in order to provide our customers with the best service, support and product development.

We are dynamic, which allows us to be innovative and flexible in new situations. And last but not least, we enjoy high employee satisfaction, as we stand united and have a passion for what we do. And that is how Jakobsens strives to be best in class.

High quality

We are very focused on maintaining a high quality in terms of our products – and therefore we have a very close cooperation with both suppliers and laboratories.


We always have the opportunity to assist with the product development process. In addition, we can offer smaller productions and samples.


Join the change!

Choose sustainable solutions and be natural.  Contact us for further information.

Maria Kyndi
Business Unit Manager
+45 2256 5859