HoneyNot all honey is created equal

Areas of use

  • Alcoholic Beverages Alcoholic Beverages
  • Baby food Baby food
  • Baked Goods Baked Goods
  • Cereals Cereals
  • Chocolate Chocolate
  • Confectionary Confectionary
  • Dairy Products Dairy Products
  • Pet Food Pet Food
  • Processed Fruits Processed Fruits
  • Salty Snacks Salty Snacks
  • Sauces and Dressing Sauces and Dressing
  • Soft Drinks Soft Drinks


  • Bucket
  • Drum
  • IBC

Product information

Bee honey is a product which has been nourising humans for thousands of years. It’s composed mainly of naturally digestible sugars – glucose and fructose – and to a lesser extent of other sugars. Honey is the natural sweetener per excellence. It has been used since the beginning of times and its quality remains unsurpassed.

Jakobsens has many years of experience in selling honey, so this has become its core busines for several years now. Raw honey is purchased from all over the world – appart from China. Jakobsens wants to be Best in Class, when it comes to quality in this segment.

There are many types of honey in our product range, including acacia, orange blossom, heather and polyflora. Raw honey can be divided into conventional, organic and fairtrade.

Now you can add the sweet flavour of honey to your products. You can choose between very mild and sweet honey or honey with strong flavour.