A world of nature, versatility, taste and value

Jakobsens A/S is one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of honey. We offer a wide range of conventional, organic and Fairtrade honey, as well as agave syrup for retail, catering and industrial purposes.

We primarily sell our products in Scandinavia, but have recently started exporting to a long list of European countries, as well as China. Production and bottling of honey takes place under strict quality procedures, ensuring high product quality.

Jakobsens A/S is a company with idealistic core values and a high degree of service. We strive to provide our customers with the best available service and are proud to have a very high delivery reliability, as well as an extreme low complaint rate.


A value driven business

Jakobsens A/S is and always has been a highly value-driven company. The vision is fulfilled through the following 5 values, ambitious goals and action plans. The values ​​are fundamental to everything Jakobens does to employees, customers, suppliers and consumers.

  • Committed
  • Respect
  • Creation of value
  • Dynamic
  • Credibility

Committed – We stand together and are proud of what we believe in

  • We are uncompromising and do not enter into something, we do not believe in 100 %.
  • We take responsibility and are passionate about what we do.
  • We are proud of our history, development and the results we have achieved together.
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Respect – For nature, each other, our product and differences

  • We have great respect for nature.
  • We respect our customers and their individual needs.
  • We respect and trust each other – and celebrate diversity and innovation..
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Creation of value – When we do something, we do it to make it better than it was

  • Our products must create value from producer to consumer.
  • We look for economic and sustainable solutions.
  • We ensure that what is good business for us is also good business for our partners.
  • We must give consumers confidence when choosing our products.
  • We want to provide consumers with good, healthy and “clean” products with balanced natural flavours.
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Dynamic – We need to be able to make decisions and be perceived as being flexible

  • We can make quick decisions based on our deep knowledge and our experience of our field.
  • We are innovative and can easily adapt to the times and are able to handle new situations.
  • We have a dynamic product range and are always looking for new opportunities.
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Credibility – We take action

  • Our foundation is made up of traditions, knowledge and experience.
  • We are open and honest – also when this is difficult.
  • We are uncompromising in doing what we say we will.
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A story of quality

Our honey products base on traditions, that go all the way back to 1921. Apiculture was originally a family business, developed through generations.


In the 80s and early 90s, Knud Hvam’s honey production grew with increased sales for the retail industry.


Based on a wish to offer the retail industry honey, produced in accordance with good professional traditions, combined with excellent commercial insight, Jan Jakobsen and Knud Hvam founded Jakobsen & Hvam A/S in 1996. Since then, the company has grown to be one of Scandinavia’a leading honey producers.


In 2001, the company built a new factory and were also BRC certified. Investments in new process equipment are ongoingly made and makes the factory a state-of-the-art and efficient production facility.


In 2008, Knud Hvam left the company and in 2010, Helle Reinevald joined the group of owners along with Jan Jakobsen.


In the summer of 2011, the company changed name to: Jakobsens A/S – and the product name was changed to Jakobsens, in order to reinforce the competitiveness in Denmark and abroad, as well as create a stronger brand.


In 2012, Helle Reinevald acquired the company from Jan Jakobsen as part of a planned alternation of generations.


In 2013, Jakobsens A/S established a subsidiary in Sweden by the name of ”Gårdshonung” with Swedish partners. Gårdshonung aims to be a locally embedded brand in Sweden, whereas Jakobsens A/S formerly used to supply on private label.


In 2017 Jakobsens A/S takes over Aulumgård (Denmark’s largest buyer of Danish honey)


In 2017 Jakobsens A/S acquires the remaining shares of Gårdshonung AB and becomes sole owner of the company.


The company Gårdshonung AB is closed down in 2018. Jakobsens A/S still owns the trademark Gårdshonung, which is used for all honey products sold in Sweden.


As a new business area – Jakobsens Ingredient, was established in 2019 with a broad product portfolio of natural sweeteners for the industry.


Jakobsens A/S sells parts of Aulumgaard. Jakobsens continues the part of Aulumgaard that buys honey from beekeepers.


Jakobsens A/S wins the DI Midt Vest Initiative Award. The reason for the award is Jakobsens A/S success in professionalizing the collection, processing, marketing and presentation of honey throughout Scandinavia.


Our certificates

Food safety and quality are keywords in all food production companies.
Jakobsens A/S is certified according to the IFS standards. Apart from the mandatory controls of the authorities, Jakobsens A/S cooperates with renowned and independent laboratories in Europe in terms of analyses.

IFS Standards

The IFS Food standard can be used for various stages of production. The IFS Food standard is risk-based and process-oriented. The IFS Food standard enables us to maintain and achieve qualitative improvements, and creates new sales opportunities as IFS certification is becoming a requirement of more and more retailers. It proves not only that the products we manufacture are safe but also that we can implement retailers’ specifications and requirements.

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The Fairtrade Label is the independent consumer guarantee that a product is certified according to international Fairtrade standards. By selling Fairtrade products, Jakobsens participates in improving work and life conditions of some of the poorest people in the world, and promoting better environmental conditions.

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Organic production

Jakobsens is approved for organic production of honey by the Ministry of Food, Denmark, according to the regulations of the EU Directive No. 834/2007 from June 28th, 2007. The Ø Label only applies to Danish products, subject to organic control by the Danish authorities.

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Organic production in the EU

EU’s organic logo is a label that indicates that a product is organic and that it has been produced and controlled in accordance with the Organic Directive of the EU.

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Swedish KRAV controls and certifies organic production on behalf of the Swedish government. The label guarantees compliance with all requirements in terms of environment, animal welfare, social responsibility and health during production.

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