A natural balance in our products and everything we do

At Jakobsens, we want to leave our mark on a healthy life in balance and the lovely flavours of a meal. That is why we focus on developing quality foods that follow the trends of the times and products, the focal point of which comprises sustainability and naturalness.

For us, contributing to a balanced everyday life is important which is why we have developed products both for busy days when quick cooking is appreciated – without compromising on quality – as well as for days when a cosy morning is top of the agenda.

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A green value chain

At Jakobsens, we focus on optimising to sustainable solutions in all parts of our value chain. This applies to everything from product development, requirements of our suppliers, the actual production of the product and the packaging. So far, this has resulted in large reductions in electricity and heating which, in turn, have resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 134 tonnes over the past year. In addition, our cardboard and paper are FSC-certified and our bottles are produced from 100% recycled plastic.
We take pride in sorting waste and utilising resources that already exist – that is why we send our cardboard and paper to be recycled.

Our wastage rate has never been lower and we have managed to reduce it by 22% over the past three years.

We focus on working with organisations that can make us smarter about how we can all contribute to a more sustainable world – such as Plastic Change.

And we are nowhere near done. We do all this because nature is important to all of us and therefore we want to contribute in the areas where this is possible.

Our sustainable initiatives